Thursday, June 02, 2005

What Was I Thinking...?

My babysitter bailed on me this week. It was a horrible, gruelling struggle to find someone. I seriously considered cancelling the rest of this year's schedule but I think I was just overwhelmed. I was promised that it would never happen again.

Being a professional pyschic is still work and, as for any working mother, it's a battle to keep all of the balls in the air while juggling. Sometimes, it is easier than at other times.

For some reason, while out for my daily walk with Mini-Me, I decided that renting a movie could work for me. After all, it was just a 2-hour-or-so commitment, right?

I rented, Darkness.

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Ack. It didn't work. I tried admirably hard to find the time. Finally, with the DVD already two days late, I sat down to watch it. Unfortunately, with about 30 minutes until the end, Mini-Me awoke from her nap. The material just wasn't suitable for an almost-two-year-old child.

Tomorrow should be interesting. I had to get my Mother-in-Law to fill in.

Even a psychic can't see everything coming. Last night, while in the kitchen, I asked my husband for a glass. Neither of us was paying attention and I ended up walking straight into the glass that Scully was handing to me. Consequently, I have a HUGE bump on my forehead.

It's just one of those things. Mini-Me keeps pointing to it. She wants to know if it hurts.

Only when I smile.

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