Sunday, June 19, 2005

The Week In Review

The Fat Psychic

Well, this week was interesting. One client offered me a "personal training" session (which I think, I hope, I declined). People automatically assume that I am unhappy with my weight, that I would like to shed it.

The Busy Psychic

I've noticed this change: I rarely have to send reminders to clients about upcoming appointments: they call me to confirm.

The Family Psychic

My sister and I were on the 'phone yesterday when she received another call. I pressed her for information about who had called and why she was letting me go. A "couple" were the callers and, as soon as she told me, I got chills and started shaking. I tried to ignore my reaction because I can't control my sister's life and I didn't think she would listen.

Many hours later, my sister had left shortly after our call, my mother and I were talking. I divulged to my mother my severe reaction and she, in turn, admitted that she was worried sick. I told her that the couple were plotting, that my sister was in danger and that I was very afraid.

Later still, unable to contain myself, I placed my third call to my mother begging her to ring my sister's cell. Instead, she gave me the cell number that I had forgotten. I let it ring and ring but my sister did not pick up. Resigned to inaction, I went to sleep.

The baby woke us at 6:00 a.m. and I waited until 8:30 to telephone my parents: my sister had returned home in the wee hours. As it turns out, my sister, at first, would not discuss what had happened; then, she revealed that the couple had robbed her of her money ($40.00) and left her stranded in the middle of the night in a strange city. She had no bank card and no credit card. She finally did get a ride home from someone else and, shaken and frightened, has learned a lesson.

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