Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Long Standing And A Little Sitting

I gave a rare, late-evening reading for a long-standing client who ended up having to wait nine months to see me.

This was rare for me because evenings and weekends are reserved for my family. She was grateful and I was glad that I had relaxed my policies a bit for her.

I booked several appointments this morning, watered my front gardens and I did these while Mini-Me slept.

Last night, during an even rarer event (a spare, quiet moment), I could see the moon from where I sat in the living room. Our neighbourhood is in a very rural setting, surrounded largely by a conservation area. My living-room window framed the trees and old garage and, as the wind gently shook the branches and leaves, I saw the moon. It was a moment of clarity and respite from the chaos.

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