Friday, June 24, 2005


The Personal

I booked today off in advance because I had a doctor's appointment. I have been extremely emotional lately due to a combination of many things.

I'm not yet settled into this home of ours: I have no space of my own. There are workbenches, power tools and paint supplies in every major area. I would just love to have an office space and, one day, it will be done; however, there are several other rooms that need to be done first.

The Family

So far, just about everyone in the family has now noticed Mini-Me's "discussions" that take place within the presence of people and without. Scully pointed it out the other day: the laughing, the answering of unheard questions. I'm pretty sure my sister and mother have talked about it.

Scully has admitted to instances of thinking he sees (out of the corner of his eye) someone in the house; it often happens for me in my gardens. Of course there are ghosts in my home! It's just rare that Scully relates accounts of his experiences. It's rare, too, that he classifies his experiences as paranormal.

My sister has been visiting since Wednesday and I'm so glad: it's as if I'm on vacation. She changes Mini-Me's diapers, offers to give her meals and tells me to rest. Ah, sisters...

The Movies

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We watched Birth, starring Nicole Kidman, and we weren't exactly impressed. (I don't mean 'we' in the imperial sense: my sister and I). It is a disappointing, oftentimes disturbing, tale of reincarnation that lacks character depth/development. Boundary-pushing dialogue and situations induce intentional discomfort in the audience and realize conflict in the main characters. Ultimate resolution of the conflicts is not really worth the wait.

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We also attempted to watch the American version of The Grudge, starring Sarah Michelle Gellar, but I kept dozing. I will have to try to see it again on a day when I'm less exhausted. From what I could discern, there seemed to be some interesting deviations from the original (which I could discuss later.)

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