Sunday, May 29, 2005

Change and Routine

Three months ago, I decided to book this past Friday off: no readings, no work-related issues. Happily, it coincided with our reno schedule. My husband was off this week, too.

Thank you to the person who reviewed this blog. I know that it takes some time and commitment to do so and I appreciate it.

I wanted a change and decided to alter the background colour, etc. I hope it works. I guess the rationale behind avoiding the black background in the first place was to avoid playing into the stereotypes about psychics and the paranormal. I truly hate the "flake" factor that comes with the territory.

This being said, I've begun to read Dan Brown's Angels & Demons. (Forgive me for not searching for a more thought-provoking link.)

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The very title put me off but I can't resist a good mystery or a good piece of genre-writing in general.

Last night's dream: a heavy-set, female ghost with long hair walked past me and told me that she would be present at the next reading. She disappeared into a building before I could ask why.

Umm, O.K.

While this is not unusual for me, I can't help but get a little irked that I'm never told why. It does become clear during the reading but why the heads-up?

Oh, well.

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