Monday, January 25, 2010

They're often nicer . . .

I used to provide readings in an urban area. This type of setting -- people walking in from the street -- doesn't usually lend itself to much chatter between client and reader (and, from a client's point of view, that should be a good thing.)

Anyway, I could see that many people just looked so frightened when they came in, even if it wasn't their first time for a reading. I felt bad for them and wanted to put them at ease. Often, the exchange ended with me joking that we have more to fear from the living than from the dead.

I've had one of those days when this rings expecially true. Sometimes, people can say really nasty things in a PERSONAL context and it's far more draining than a day of readings can be. Which is what happened. Today. Someone said something -- unrelated to my vocation -- and I'm trying to shrug it off.

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Anonymous said...

This happened more than 3 times I was very close to death. Once I was dreaming and spirits were all around me not bad but good spirits. There was a song playing like a calm melody. When i was six, i had a dream of my father in a casket and he got up and floated down the aisle(it looked as if he had no feet).The aura on his face looked as if he had some where to go. No-one was around him, the next day my dad had on the same thing as in my dream. I tried to stop him from going where he had to go. I felt like he was leaving me. Another time I heard music and spirits were all around me, i felt as though they were keeping me alive. My will was to die. I have dreams that come true. IF anyone can help me figure this out email me at