Saturday, January 23, 2010

It has been a crazy week

Though there have been signs that a ghost is around, nobody has approached me in any way. So, maybe it's not about me.

Anyway, Mimi still won't go into the dining room without me because of the ghost with a tennis racket.  I'm not going to force her.  I think Gigi would really like to be able to see this sporty ghost.  I think I would, too. 

I have a bookswap (for moms) meeting to go to at the beginning of next week and I'm trying to decide if I should take some of my duplicate works of ghost fiction and non-fiction.  I keep meaning to sell them; some are quite valuable.  But the space on my shelves is becoming prime real estate these days as I have no more room anymore.   The basement is already filled to capacity with boxes of books.  Last year, we donated about 12 boxes of books to someone who takes the money she earns by selling them and donates it to Haiti.  The year before, we sold a few thousand.  So, the bookswap idea works very well for me: I'm not taking up any more space and I get to read something new.

The moms who usually attend are mostly interested in "chicklit" but I've picked up some fantastic literature on occasion.  I can't wait.  It's funny, though, because only the person who hosts the event actually knows what I do for a living.  So, I might raise a few eyebrows if I bring along my extra copy of Ghosts on 87th Lane or something!


Jessica Penot said...

Raising a few eyebrows is the best thing you can do at a book club! At least you keep people interested and coming back.

Ghostiegurl said...

Good point!