Monday, January 11, 2010


I woke up last night because I needed another blanket -- it's THAT cold. It's unsually cold even for Canada and these here parts.

But it's still not the kind of cold that I can feel when there's a ghost around. That particular kind of cold seems to be coming from my own body, freezing everything it touches around me. That's really difficult to articulate, actually.

As very young adults, my brother and I used to chat on the phone just about every night. He was dealing with an issue that he couldn't discuss with anyone: Our paternal grandmother would visit him quite regularly. He would be asleep in the dark and then a lamp would turn itself on and wake him up; he'd see my grandmother sitting on his bed or standing at the end of it.

(That wasn't really a problem for him; I think he was having trouble dealing with the fact that she had told him their visits would soon stop. But he wanted to know more about where she was, what she was doing and what she was able to do in her, uh, state.)

One night, he told me that she would come visit me and asked if I was ready because she would be there that night. As we were talking on the phone, my body grew colder and I could barely stand. I could hardly hold the phone.

I remember standing in the upstairs hallway and looking at my parents' room -- they were asleep, stretched out trying to stay cool in a heat wave. The outdoor temperature was in the 90s but I was shivering and feeling weak. My brother asked if she was there and I had to say, "Yeh, she's here."

I had been in the presence of ghosts many times before but this was the first -- and not the last -- time that I had been in this way affected.


Marbella Jewelry Designs said...

hello, i just found your blog by way of ghost stories and haunted places and i found her by way of autumnforest's blog.
i am fascinated by the paranormal and love to hear of other people's experiences.
i will have to find time to catch up on your posts.

Ghostiegurl said...

Hi, there.

Thanks for stopping by and for letting me know how you found me.

Hope you enjoy my blog.