Thursday, January 14, 2010

A sceptic's contribution

As I mentioned recently, Scully has grown so much throughout the years as far as the paranormal is concerned.

I think he has developed a sense of awe, too. Imagine what a sentence such as "I've just seen a ghost" has to go through in the machinations of a scientist's sceptical mind only to have it emerge completely intact again. He often just shakes his head when, for example, we see ghosts on the basement stairs and in the backyard, particularly right in front of the carriage house.

But he has always been very supportive, even back in the days when he wouldn't entertain the possibility that ghosts exist.

He speaks of me and what I do with his friends and colleagues.

He has accompanied me, if only at first for safety reasons, on investigations big and small. He's driven me to the locations and has tirelessly held many video cameras; he has also spared me for entire weekends as I travelled with others to remote locations for a documentary.

And when media attention has been at its most intense, he has been content to be Mr. Ghostiegurl.

While still a sceptic, his intelligence dictates that an unexplained experience does not necessarily have to be understood through the present scientific paradigm. That's pretty cool.

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