Tuesday, May 24, 2005

The Nursery

My readings this week went quickly but my babysitters (family) flew out of the house like bats from a cave just minutes afterwards.

"Did you see a ghost? You know they're really harmless." They were behaving as if they were (uncharacteristically) frightened considering their own experiences with ghosts.

"No, no...We just have to get...going. Bye now!"

I think the nursery freaks people out though Mini-Me is not bothered in the least. She is perfectly safe in that room and she knows this.

Oft have I been sitting with her only to discover that she is laughing and speaking with someone directly behind me.

"O.K.," she giggles and puts her hands to her mouth to stifle laughter. "Fun!"

She is so very well-behaved. There were no tantrums during my readings.

I hope that this week's events don't indicate years of revolving-door babysitters due to an unsettling feeling that comes over some people.

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