Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Raising Spirits

I think that there are still some people close to me who need to be told again that even though I work from home, I am not REALLY home. Now, dear readers, this isn't a lesson in metaphysics; I simply mean that there is sometimes the tendency to assume that I'm not actually working.

I am drained by readings sometimes but I am even more drained by long-distant relatives (of the living kind) who need me to cheer them up. I have such a headache right now. Eeyeck.

I actually do readings all day long and my stamina is very good but sometimes--just sometimes--I feel dizzy and light-headed afterwards, toward the end of the day.

It's funny: the other day, a married couple came to see me in two separate appointments. They figured that I wouldn't know that they were married. By the end of the lady's reading, I told her that I knew it was her husband for whom I was to read next. She looked sheepish and admitted to me their deceit. The husband was even more shocked.

My niece's musical toy aquarium has been playing on its own: it happened the night before last. At least, this time, it wasn't a toy that I had given her so my sister can't transfer her annoyance to me!

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