Monday, January 10, 2005

A Day Off

As I mentioned before, I took the day off today.

"Must be nice," my husband commented.

I do feel slightly guilty but, since I'm the boss, I can do this, right? Well, I did have a very long, exceptionally busy week.

I plan to get things done today, really. I don't know what just yet. I will attend to Matters of Consequence. There are always calls to return and email to answer for booking appointments.

One mission today: I have to go to a particular art store in order to get a refill for my favourite pen. It's an Itoya. Best pen I've ever had.

Tomorrow evening, I'm going to see White Noise though I truly disapprove of a horror spin on the whole E.V. phenomenon. It's just that my friend, with whom I go to the movies every Tuesday, is so excited about it. Ah, well.

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