Wednesday, January 21, 2004

Spirit vs. Ghost

To me, this is an interesting point and people ask me often. I disagree with Sylvia Browne and probably most of the "psychic community".

Sylvia Browne states that there are, at least, three realms: ghosts, spirits, angels. She defines them as follows: a ghost represents a deceased individual who is unaware that he/she is dead; a spirit represents a deceased loved one or relative who may visit you. An angel, however, belongs to an entirely different "phylum" of entities; these are beings that never incarnate as humans but which can take any form (including human) that is needed to help humans.

Well, I disagree with Sylvia Browne on this front: I believe that a ghost is a spirit and a spirit is a ghost. Angels are another topic altogether: I suspect that these are ghosts, too. It is simply based on my experiences and on my intuition. (What do any of us have in this area but our experience and intuition?)

I also believe that a poltergeist is simply a ghost, though there may be a connection to teenagers, too. A poltergeist is simply a noisy ghost, one that is not seen.

An apparition is simply a ghost, one that is seen.

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