Saturday, January 10, 2004

If There's Something Strange...

Last night, I went on an investigation and discovered quite a few things about myself. First, apparently, I am a natural in front of the camera. (I had always avoided cameras in the past.) The group with whom I worked was quite happy to discover that I spoke to the camera as if it were an actual audience and that I did not display any signs of nervousness. It was very much a surprise to myself. It kind of felt like a "Pilot Guides" episode, but for ghosts...

As I spoke, I was very much aware that this footage would be archived and available for public consumption, since the owners of the property were quite happy to share the results of the investigation. I was undaunted. In fact, at all points where everyone was frightened (including myself), I was also undeterred from my purpose. I did not mind going into areas that put me off or frightened me (this is just how I always am.)

Secondly, thankfully, having gone in "cold" to the investigation, I was, according the owners and the liaisons, 100% accurate in the impressions that I received. (The owners had done research about the property and all of the names that I mentioned were actually historically accurate. The liaisons were told about the experiences reported by the owners, so they knew, too.)

I did two "walkabouts" while the audio-visual guys set up all their equipment. Each walkabout included my blurting out impressions.

I ended up explaining, whenever there were multiple interpretations of events, what my particular beliefs were and why. Also, I had to explain to people why I could receive impressions about a place which, according to the equipment, did not seem to have activity: there is a difference between getting an impression of a ghost and "seeing" the past. I do both.

Now, I am preparing a report of the experience.

I have been forewarned that I will, at some point, be barraged with media coverage since there are some very big investigations coming up in the future. Furthermore, I have been asked to represent the company as a psychic and to consider some interesting business propositions.

All in all, it was a very positive experience for me, though the other investigators thought that we had not spent enough time there. They were also concerned that they had not accompanied me on the two walkabouts. I was, however, told that the investigation should proceed as I thought best. Frankly, the equipment hinders my ability to pick things up (the noises, the whispering) and the others were only interested in one area (which, in my opinion, was the wrong area.) At any rate, we discussed it all and I am confident that we can come to some compromises in the future.

Over and out.

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