Monday, January 26, 2004

More about the last investigation....

Sometimes, it is easier to deal with the dead than it is with the living. While my nascent investigative career is very interesting, it also tests my ability to navigate group dynamics. (Though I have been providing readings for 15 years, it has only been since the latter 6 months of 2003 that I have charged for readings/investigations.)

This last group of investigators: Burke, the "audio guy"; Ben, the "video guy" and Christina, the "reporter". As we went along the walkabout (def. a walk around a purported haunted property to gather psychic impressions), I have to deal with Burke. He makes me feel like a ventriloquist: every time I open my mouth to say something, he speaks. He is actually supposed to be there to record what I say and what the owners say. Sometimes, I feel like walking out of the room to centre myself (as, in fact, I have done.) I find it difficult to deal with the domineering personality.

I have done my level best to be flexible about things and this is the only sticky point for me. I shall have to say something soon.

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