Saturday, January 24, 2004

Off To Work I Go...

Well, I'm off to my investigation. It is the third and final stage of an investigation of a large property.


On my last investigation people became intensely frightened without cause (this is why I prefer not to have non-investigators on site). I ended up reassuring people about perfectly ordinary, explicable events. My attempts to explain the Reticular Formation and pattern recognition fell on deaf ears though. It seems people want to be right about such things. I actually felt bad having to let them down.

It was -38 with the windchill and my double layer of clothing kept me almost comfortable. There was little heating anywhere that we went.

I was able to pick up the salient historical facts about the property, including particularly bad accidents, a hanging and other suicides as well as descriptions of previous owners and their names (that is, surnames).


The next part of the investigation involved speaking to local residents and asking for anecdotal histories. Everybody wanted to recount the sometimes-gruesome tales but not one person stated a belief in the supernatural or owned up to a belief that the place was haunted.

Interestingly, this is how the conversation would go:

"Do you believe that this place is haunted?"

"No, I don't. But someone hanged himself from those rafters over there. I have heard doors shut by themselves. I've heard footsteps..."

So, the direct approach is useful in getting a conversation started. Nobody wants to admit to a belief in the supernatural but most people want to speak about it.

I picked nothing up because there were too many people around for me to relax enough and I wasn't really there to get impressions.

The Final Stage? Upon my return or soon thereafter...Wish me well. It is -25 degrees Celsius outside.

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