Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Schedules and the Toddler-esque

Eek! I have fallen into the vast blog abyss of the non-poster. I apologize. Really, I do. If you don't believe me: a thousand times, I apologize.

To keep you posted: I have decided not to reschedule any of my parties or investigations (weekly) though I now have a toddler in tow. Scully will babysit in the city of party or investigation. I will be the one with camera, video camera, digital voice recorder, etc. or whatever I need for the occasion.

For local investigations, I have recruited those who have expressed an interest in accompanying me.

I haven't had time to peruse the most recent issue of Ghost! Magazine (which magazine I received a few weeks ago, I believe).

I have placed a moratorium on book-buying, both personally and professionally. My $100.00-per-month habit was not sustainable. My husband will be awake with me through the withdrawal symptoms.

Hmmm...I still have not seen the television show, "Medium" and, truthfully, I will probably not see it. Nor have I seen "Most Haunted" which is still Most Talked About among my clients.

The toys that were activated and noisy at the home of my family-of-origin are here and have been very quiet.

As I may have mentioned earlier, my readings resume on Friday which means that I have only two days left in which to make this house look less Toddleresque.

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