Saturday, February 07, 2004

How To Spot A Fraud

Recently, I was reminded of a particularly bad "psychic" experience. For ten dollars, a lady read my tarot cards. She forewarned me of much trouble ahead in my life. Then, she explained that someone was working "magic" against me. For 75 dollars, she could remove the spell on me and provide me with a protection spell.

This is definitely a sign of fraudulent activity. This "fortuneteller" gives us all a bad name by drawing the customer in with a cheap rate, then trying to scare the bejeebers out of him/her and offering protection at an exorbitant rate.

Another sign? Anyone who claims to be 100% accurate is definitely someone to avoid. No psychic is always accurate.

I have read that refusal to be taped is another red flag. I know some psychics who do not wish to be recorded and I don't understand why. A digital recording is provided with my readings. I have had clients bring in their own recorders, too.

So, those are the three major signs, the situations that should raise red flags.

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