Saturday, April 30, 2005

When Good Ghosts Do Bad Things...

Two members of my family were complaining bitterly the other day about teaspoons: they couldn't find one among dozens bought in the last while.

It was then that I spoke of Collin, a ghost hanging around their home. I am familiar with the ghosts of my family's home but I had not seen him before.

I told them to say, "Collin, enough is enough. Give us back our spoons!" The next day, behold, there were all the spoons in the kitchen, dozens of them.

The following day, however, my sister wondered where the cat was. She is an indoor cat and nobody thought to look for her outside. There she was, however, at the front door, scratching to get in. Nobody had opened the doors throughout the day.

Collin is being a pain. However annoying, he is harmless.

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