Monday, April 18, 2005

Leaping Up or Forward

Another radio show on Sunday. I guess it went pretty well: people mostly asked about recovering lost jewellery. I was approached by another radio host to do another show on another station.

I wasn't myself. I think that when I have been away from reading and writing, my equilibrium is disturbed. I need books. I need to write.

I have been working steadily on my house, a house that, according to an acquaintance "looks like a psychic should live here". I think that was a compliment.

The house is not ancient (1920) but it is surrounded by original terraces of moss-covered stone. The enclosed porch spans the entire width of our large house and the backyard stretches for one quarter of an acre. The original carriage house at the back would have accommodated perfectly a 1920's car but it is used largely as a shed by us.

I hope that, by now, your eyes have not glazed over due to boredom and that you will permit me one further indulgence: a brief discussion of how I decorated the front porch: vintage lace and linen, old wicker and wrought iron, ferns with other lush plants. I can't help it: the messier and more rustic, the better.

I hope to read and write out there -- during Mini-Me's naps -- this spring/summer.

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