Saturday, April 30, 2005

O What A Day

I had a pretty good day of readings yesterday. This means that my mother, who comes to babysit, did not drive me completely crazy. She even washed my kitchen floor.

Curiously, a woman who has pestered me for a reading for months--back and forth with rescheduling, etc.--did not show for her appointment. I might have to get tough with people who don't show: Scully suggests that, should someone call to reschedule AFTER having missed an appointment without notice, I should tell the person that the appointment will need to be prepaid.

I think he's right. At the moment, I'm booked far in advance and people wait so long for an appointment that the particular appointment slot yesterday could easily have gone to someone else.

The other appointments--repeats--went really well.

Our living room where, at the moment, I conduct my readings is starting to look normal again since the new sectional sofa arrived.

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