Wednesday, December 31, 2003

Who Ya Gonna Call?

I make my living reading tarot cards and objects as well as investigating hauntings. I do not so much "bust" ghosts as much as I "detect" them and I do this in a freelance capacity. That is, I accompany a team of investigators (cameras, lights, electronic voice recorders, electromagnetic field readers, etc.) to a supposed haunting and "read" the place for impressions of paranormal activity. I do not try to "remove" ghosts.

There are always several problems in doing this job. Here are just a few: first, people need to agree upon what constitutes paranormal activity; secondly, people need to agree upon what constitutes evidence thereof. Furthermore, equipment needs to work as we expect it to work when we need it to work. Finally, discretion is extremely important at all times for many reasons.

It is so strange to have a job about which I can rarely speak. People don't understand. They expect to see crucifixes and Linda Blair or hear kids in television sets. (Mind you, these are great movies.) It is actually quite mundane: much time is spent setting up and testing equipment.

My husband's job is very white collar: management-level computer guy and all-round boy genius at a huge multinational firm. I want to protect his reputation. Moreover, the people requesting an investigation usually want no publicity. (Exception: television programs. Some teams have had much media exposure, including television shows about "hauntings". I have avoided such exposure so far.)

I have never had a complaint from any of my clients and my "ghostbusting" has become increasingly sought after. I am making a name for myself anonymously!!

I have an investigation coming up this week. I promise to diligently record the experience. I prefer to not know about the history of an actual site beforehand.

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