Wednesday, December 31, 2003

Dream: Ghost In the Basement

Last night I dreamt about a ghost and a basement. The ghost told me that there were investigations, first paranormal, then legal, and that very unpleasant things had happened in the said basement. He was sitting in the back of the house, outside, when I started talking to him.

He had very dark, longish hair and a thin face.

Knowing that I would be seeing a psychic colleague/friend this evening, I called her to tell her about the dream.

"No, I'm not doing an investigation in a basement."

"Have you been asked to do one?"

"No...wait! This afternoon, I wrote a short story about a basement in which unpleasant things had happened. There was a paranormal investigation, followed by a police investigation."

"No," I said. "This isn't fiction. This really happened."

"Well," she said. "I based it on a true story."

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