Friday, July 18, 2008

Dear Ghostiegurl:

I have a home that a man died in and he and his wife were in the middle of a divorce. They would fight all the time. He died in this house of a heart attack. I have seen the man here and often feel his presence. When my husband comes home we fight always and we try to be close. You can feel a very cold presence in the room, yet if we quit and walk into another room, it is usually warm. Any sugggestions???


Many psychics believe that ghosts leave visual or emotional "imprints" (it's like watching a film over and over again or feeling a certain emotion in a certain room) on the places in which they lived or spent time in. It's possible that you and your husband can pick up the tension in the room in which you and he argue because the deceased man and his wife used to argue there.

If it is an imprint, you're not dealing with a ghost. But, you say that you have seen him. If it isn't an imprint, and you are picking up the attitude of the ghost, then you may ask him to leave. Tell him that he doesn't have to stay there anymore or, that if he does stay, ask him to leave rooms when you enter and you can "share" the house in peace.

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