Thursday, September 15, 2005

Where Do I Go To Complain?

I'm lagging behind in my posts to this blog. Admittedly, I have been feeling in need of a vacation from my job (i.e., readings) but I know that one is, indeed, far away: January.

I didn't want to whine, so I kept silent.

I had dreamt of the New Orleans/Mississippi catastrophe some time ago and I can't find the reference in my archives. I saw hundreds of angry ghosts marching down the street and they didn't know where to go. I know that I mentioned it but I can't remember when. I went looking for it just moments ago because I have been bothered about the dream.

Anyway, I promise to try to be less like Eeyore the next time I write. Er, not that I'm stuffed with sawdust or anything...

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