Saturday, July 30, 2005

A Musical Guest

It's four a.m. and I can report ghostly activity.

Our enclosed porch is accessible only by us: it's locked from the outside and no people or animals can gain access.

About 10 minutes ago, Mini-Me's 10-in-1 Musical Combo toy started playing for about 20 seconds. When I went to the porch, I could see the lights of the toy indicating certain buttons had been pushed. When I opened the door from the living room to take a closer look, I noticed that the cat was sitting about 4 feet away from the toy. I Wondered if it had been the cat as she jumped off her chair and came inside. I closed the door and locked it.

Five minutes later, the same toy was making the same musical noise (indicating the same buttons had been pushed) and there was nobody out there. These buttons requuire some force to activate: a mere breeze wouldn't do it. In fact, Mini-Me often tries with her foot to do it and she cannot.

There are no other signs. I have seen nothing and don't pick anything up right now though I imagine it will make more sense after I sleep.

Usually, if a ghost has a message he/she will appear in my dreams or I will "just know".

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