Sunday, July 17, 2005

The Fundamental Things Apply...

More babysitting woes. My mother, out of spite, decided that she will no longer babysit Mini-Me. This definitely leaves me in a bind.

On an emotional level, I was able to confront my mother for the first time ever today. I think that her behaviour helped me muster the courage.

We went to some good friends' new home--toddler in tow--for dinner and it went well. I didn't have to write any cheques to replace priceless broken figurines, etc.

Last night, as I explained, I had my last tarot party. It was a bittersweet experience: it was clear to me that I enjoyed doing this kind of event but it was also clear that I want my evenings to be dedicated to my family.

Scary tales from some clients about the trouble in which their adult children have found themselves. In these stories, I see the soul-grabbing dedication of mothers and the heart-stopping seediness that exists around every corner--that I can't see from where I sit--in the city nearby.

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