Monday, November 29, 2010

White-haired and Quiet

A few minutes ago, my little niece came running past me and said, "I saw a ghost! I saw a ghost!"  She had just come from upstairs and then from the living room.

I picked her up:

"What did you see? I didn't hear you." Just to be sure.
"A ghost. I saw a ghost."
"Where did you see it?"
"In the living room."
"Was the ghost a girl or a boy?'
"A boy."
"A little boy or a daddy?"
"A daddy."
"Was his hair light or dark?"
"It was white!"
"Did he speak to you?"
"What was he doing?"
"Standing there, looking."
"Could you take me to where he was?"

We go to the living room.

"There!" she said, pointing to the coffee table area where Mimi was standing.
"Was he smiling?"
"Well, there's no need to be afraid.  He was just visiting. Just saying, 'Hi.'"


Sean Kipybida said...

Hey I might need your help. I'm not sure whats been going on with me lately. I'm 18 yrs old cureently in college. I've been able to see things for as long as I can remember but things are getting out hand. Lately, every time I try to rest I see or hear things. I was sleeping at my girlfriends house and I saw a woman standing over my buddy. He didnt see anything but I managed to scare the bejesus out of them just by describing it (I was shooken up too). I am now at my uncles house for spring break. Its currently 12:55am. I couldnt sleep because I kept hearing voices in the room (and all tvs in the house are off). I heard something say "Help me, it burns". I opened my eyes and saw several 'entities' around my bed with marks/burns on their faces. I was so scared I closed my eyes tight, but their faces kept flashing in my head. I've seen things before but not to this extent and not as frequently. It's starting to affect my sleep and overall wellbeing. I've told this to my grandmother and she claims that she sees things all the time, but my mother cannot. I need to know why they are coming to me and how to make it stop. I've been so scared I can hardly sleep. Please, help me. I don't what to do.

Anonymous said...

guys i have a cousin.. Her dad died when she was about 10yrs old and now today she said i saw him standing in front of her.. During the day..she told me, when i asked her how long has it bn happening she says it once happened when she was 12 and now she's 19yrs she saw him again. Help what can she do to stop it?

Ghostiegurl :) said...

Sorry about the delays.

Sean -- your experiences sound very frightening. I hope they've resolved by now or that you have achieved some kind of mental peace instead.

I came to the conclusion a long time ago that being in a constant state of stress (e.g., back in my university days) can make me hyper-aware especially since I am already pretty attuned to begin with. But if you have medical concerns regarding your well-being, I hope you seek medical advice. (Of course, I am not a doctor and do not give medical advice.)

Anonymous -- If she wants to stop it, then she could simply request that it stop either before it happens again or after by letting her wishes be known. There's no guarantee that it will work.

When a person sees a loved one, however, it is often the case that such an experience is welcomed. But, of course, there are circumstances when religious beliefs, for example, would tell us it is to be avoided or that it cannot or should not happen.

In which case, I have to say that your cousin could seek advice in a way that does not conflict with her beliefs. If she is not yet an adult, then sharing her experiences with a trusted adult is definitely an option.

Thanks for writing, both of you. I know that sharing these experiences can be extremely difficult. I hope you will keep me posted.