Sunday, November 28, 2004

In The Closet

My husband and I went to a party last night at which so many people came up to talk to me about what I do for a living and about my website.

We had lots of fun. A friend of mine who writes for a monthly Canadian magazine asked so many insightful questions and really was interested in what I had to say. Bless him!

Why have I hidden this for so long? He mentioned there were, of course, those who would scoff and I burst into laughter: aren't there always? I laughed not because this was news to me (as, indeed, it was not) but because I was acutely aware of how little I cared that people scoffed.

I was in a room filled with some of Canada's most privileged, educated people. Everyone there held at least a B.A. and, yet, there were no signs of pretension.

I suppose that some people might feel superior to me when they find out what I do because they assume that I cannot be intelligent, that I cannot hold views contrary to their own experience and be taken seriously.

Many people are pretty silent when they discover that I hold a respectable degree and that I will be seeking another one shortly (as soon as our renovations are done).

We all have to come to terms with who we are: in my twenties, I was uncomfortable with who I am and now, in my thirties, I have never been happier. Maybe so many people struggle with direction because they feel compelled to follow only conventional and acceptable paths. I chose to follow my intuition.

Last night, I saw how comfortable I am with, well, me.

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