Thursday, October 14, 2004

An Interesting Day...

I also received my new "Gothic Tarot" deck. Jeesh, I think it was an impulse-buy because I am disappointed. Not that the weathered angel statue aren't great and not that they weren't chosen appropriately for each card, I just expected more I guess.

I suppose that I was hoping for more of a literary angle.

I received, too, my Gypsy Fortunetelling Deck (also an impulse buy). You see, a few years after beginning the tarot (almost 2 decades ago!), I grew restless for different methods of divination. I stumbled across plain-card reading (as well as a host of other methods). THAT's what the Gypsy Fortunetelling deck is: plain-card reading.

I suppose that I was hoping for there to be something more to it, more history associated with it.

They are, however, both interesting decks.

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